Sourcing In China

Sourcing in China brings many challenges as well as opportunities. China has clear advantages over other Asian countries when it comes to outsourcing. One reason for this is the experience and education the country has gained in delivering products that meet the strict standards that Western consumers and the law require. Secondly, is China’s highly developed infrastructure and, of course, the seemingly infinite amount of different products the country can offer.

We strive to eliminate any concerns that foreign companies may have when purchasing products in China:

  • by ensuring that all our suppliers meet our rigourous standards and can handle any task presented to them in a satisfactory manner;
  • meeting all deadlines, and
  • by taking full responsibility.

Working with us, the client can expect strict control of ISO certification and working conditions for employees plus effective quality control to ensure the best results.

The Chinese culture differs from Western ideals in many ways and having good ‘guanxi’ is a crucial factor for success in China. ‘Guanxi’ can be translated to ‘good relations’ and in China it is the right ‘guanxi’ that can make all the difference.

South China Trading has over 20 years’ of combined experience in manufacturing in China and has gained strong ‘guanxi’ which is a clear advantage for our clients and only one of the many beneficial factors we can provide to those seeking to outsource their production to China.