Sourcing In China

Sourcing  products or setting up production of your own in China brings many challenges as well as opportunities. China still has clear advantages over other Asian countries, when it comes to outsourcing. One advantage is the experience and education the country has gained in manufacturing products which meet the strict standards the western consumers regulations require. Secondly, China’s highly developed infrastructure is adapt to handling extremely large quantity of goods in a very swift manner. No other country can compare with China when it comes to logistics.

The Chinese culture differs slightly Western ideals in some ways and having an established presence locally can really make the difference in maintaining good relationship with your suppliers. This would of course be the case in any country,  but especially in China where much of the negotiation process is done over dinner or in other social settings.’

We have decades of experience in our area and have built a good network of  suppliers in our core industries, which can be a huge benefit four clients looking to produce their own goods.   Working with us adds that extra layer of experience and safety which can save a lot of time and effort in the long run.

We strive to eliminate any concerns that foreign companies may have and operate as an extension of your own company. We want you to feel that we are your colleagues and not just your service provider.

Working with us, our clients can expect strict control of certification and working conditions for employees, plus a very effective on-site quality control. We take responsibility if any issues arise and make sure to avoid delays.  If delays do happen,  we will find solutions to make sure your products, or at least part of the order will be delivered on time to meet your deadline.