Product sourcing:

With a combined experience of 20+ years outsourcing in China. We act as a third party service provider. The service we provide is in fact quite simple. Many larger companies have their own buying offices in China, but smaller companies do not have the capacity to establish this kind of set-up on their own. We provide this set-up for our clients and act as your own buying office in China. We provide full transparency about our service and product prices. We do, of course, charge a service fee but to most companies this fee is minimal compared to the benefits it brings.

We make communication easy and efficient through all the phases from development to shipping out the goods. We speak Chinese and we find it easy to develop a personal relationship with our suppliers in China. We implement a proper document flow and our quality management makes all the difference.

Products we source on a regular basis:

  • Paper boxes
  • Metal tins
  • Fabric pouches
  • Fabric/vinyl bags and pouches
  • CNC precision milling and turning of Aluminium, Steel, Copper, Brass and Plastic
  • Sheet metal and fabrication
  • Welding, TIG, MIG in Sheet Metal, Stainless Steel and Aluminium
  • Promotional items and accessories
  • Packaging solutions
  • Plush Toys


We have been producing packaging boxes and printed articles in all shapes and sizes for a decade. A part of the packaging we make is for packaging the products we produce here in China, so our clients can ship the products, packaged and ready, directly to distributors. We also produce custom packing boxes directly for export.

Plush toys:

We are active shareholders in one of the best performing plush toy factories in our local area. Running our own factory locally enables us to produce toys of a uniform standard and a high product quality at very competitive prices. If you would like to learn more about our plush toy  subsidiary company please visit for more in depth information.