Plush Toy Factory Joint Venture

In 2011, We started using Yalin Plush Toys Factory in Dongguan as one of our main suppliers for plush toys. Manufacturing high end stuffed toys for customers in Europe, USA and Australia, Yalin Plush Toys Factory has been producing both high end retail and promotional plush toys for over 15 years.

In 2014, South China Trading entered a joint venture with Yalin and invested capital for the further development of our facilities and production capacity. This cooperation allowed us to offer high quality products at extremely competitive prices.

Being the active shareholders is advantageous for us and our clients as it enables us to cut substantially on costs and allows us to monitor the production quality of our products closely.

From us you can always expect good service, superior products and, of course, commitment to our customers’ needs and interests. Our first priority is our customer’s satisfaction and also to provide, competitive prices, quality products and timely delivery.

We are fully certified, abide by federal laws and regulations and are experienced with most third party testing labs both in Europe and China.


New safety requirements to apply to all toys for European market in 2013

The new limits and additional restrictions on various heavy metals (plus Organic Tin and Chromium VI) comes into force in July 2013 as part of the new Toy Safety Directive, increases the chemical testing requirements from 8 heavy metals to 19, and will apply to all toys sold on the European market.

As we always require the highest of quality from our self and our suppliers, South China Trading is already testing all our plush toys according to the new standards. Our customers can feel safe knowing that the products we deliver live up to all the future requirements.

The following table shows the limits of the 19 heavy metals concerned:

Specimen Abbreviation Limit
Soluble Aluminium (Al) 70000mg/kg Soluble Nickel (Ni) 930mg/kg
Soluble Arsenic (As) 47mg/kg Soluble Lead (Pb) 160mg/kg
Soluble Boron (B) 15000mg/kg Soluble Antimony (Sb) 560mg/kg
Soluble Barium (Ba) 56000mg/kg Soluble Selenium (Se) 460mg/kg
Soluble Cadmium (Cd) 17mg/kg Soluble Tin (Sn) 180000mg/kg
Soluble Cobalt (Co) 130mg/kg Soluble Strontium (Sr) 56000mg/kg
Soluble Chromium (Cr) 460mg/kg Soluble Zinc (Zn) 46000mg/kg
Soluble Copper (Cu) 7700mg/kg Soluble Chromium (VI) (Cr(VI)) 0.2mg/kg
Soluble Mercury (Hg) 94mg/kg Soluble Organic Sn (sn) 12mg/kg
Soluble Manganese (Mn) 15000mg/kg